How to De-fuse the 401k/IRA Tax Time Bomb So YOU Can Experience a TAX FREE RETIREMENT!

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Higher tax rates could mean loss in retirement income

Michael Lemaich, financial author and founder of Global Fund Management, joined Indy Now to talk about the potential impact of higher taxes on your retirement funds. “We think the greatest risk to your wealth going forward is taxes,” Lemaich said.

“It means we need to rethink the way we think about taxes,” he said. “For our successful savers, this could mean losing 30% to 40% to 50% of their wealth over time.” Lemaich says investors should take advantage of tax rates while they are low, moving retirement savings into tax-free buckets.


Our Industry Tries to Make Personal Finance Complicated. GLOBAL FUND MANAGEMENT SAYS, It’s Not.”

As an independent financial planning advising firm, we at Global Fund Management aim to rescue people from making bad financial decisions. Through education and coaching, we eliminate confusion, fear, and worry by bringing clarity to financial concepts and solutions. While other approaches can create unnecessary complexity, we give our clients understanding not just about their financial situation, but about the beliefs and emotions that can sabotage their success.

Will You Have Enough Money for Retirement?


Get an independent investment plan.

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We create a globally diversified, low cost and tax efficient portfolio designed to provide income throughout retirement.

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You receive a personalized strategy on how to most efficiently reduce your long-term tax liability and increase your after-tax income in retirement.

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Thoughtfully integrated withdrawal plan that includes all of your retirement resources to make your money last longer.

Do You Know Your Risk Score?

Everyone has a risk number, but most don’t know what that number is. A risk number ranges from 1 to 99 and evaluates how you weigh levels of reward and risk. The higher the number, the more accepting you are of higher risks for higher gains.

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Learn more about the ways global fund management can serve you

Income Planning

We deliver a personalized strategy that includes all of your retirement sources thoughtfully integrated into recommendations on how to most efficiently generate income.

Investment Management

When it comes to investing, you can’t afford to settle for anything less than the best. We rely on proven investment strategies to manage your portfolio designed with a low-cost approach.

Retirement Planning

Global Fund Management provides a custom-tailored comprehensive planning approach to our clients.  This may be a new term for many people exploring retirement planning.

Tax Planning

The lack of tax planning will ultimately be the difference between taxes you paid or didn’t have to. With a comprehensive plan, the objective is to minimize taxes paid over your lifetime.