Strategic Tax Planning


A retirement plan in your best interest must consider the tax efficiency of your retirement savings. THE SMART TAX ROADMAP from Global Fund Management helps uncover what strategies are potentially available for your situation.

Tax-Free Toolkit

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Global Fund Management’s TAX-FOCUSED APPROACH

The lack of tax planning will ultimately be the difference between the taxes you paid and the taxes you could have plan. With a comprehensive approach, the objective is to minimize taxes paid over your lifetime.

With a rising national debt and multiple rounds of stimulus, we should be adequately prepared for a world of high taxes. There are techniques and strategies we can implement to possibly help you retain more of your wealth. Focused on growing the nest egg, pre- retirees tend to monitor the return on their money vs. the return of their money in the future.

Our tax planning services aim to help keep taxes low today and in retirement. We accomplish this through:
  • Annual Tax Return Analysis
  • ROTH Conversions
  • Tax Bracket Optimization
  • Tax-Loss Harvesting
  • 0% Capital Gains Rates
  • Social Security Taxation

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