The Wealth Management Blueprint delivers a personalized strategy that includes all of your retirement sources thoughtfully integrated into recommendations on how to most efficiently generate income, including the following:

Income needs and expense management

Your expenses won’t be consistent from year to year. Some years you’ll need more, in others you’ll need less. We guide you in determining your likely expenses at every stage of retirement so you are confident the money will be there when you need it.

Spend-down Strategy & withdrawal plan

Knowing which account to spend from and when is critical in maximizing the longevity of your assets and minimizing taxes. A withdrawal plan analyzes different strategies to be tax-efficient, which may help your resources last longer.

Optimal Social Security Claiming

You might already know that Social Security is complicated. The WEALTH MANAGEMENT BLUEPRINT gives you step-by-step instructions on when/how to claim Social Security benefits, coordinated with all of your other assets to make your resources stretch longer.

One of the first questions we encounter with a soon-to-be retiree is…

“Where am I going to get income from?”

The biggest factor on your monthly net income could be from the decisions you make.

There are many factors that go into designing your independent Income Plan, but we take the time upfront with the WEALTH MANAGEMENT BLUEPRINT process to show you exactly where your income will come from.